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Un lugar único para realizar tu evento en San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


Preguntas frecuentes sobre eventos en Las Sabinas

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of this section is to answer doubts. The questions are divided by subjects and it is important to read all of them.



Does Rancho Las Sabinas offers lodging?

Yes, Las Sabinas has five magnificent suites. 

What is the cost of the lodging at Las Sabinas?

When you contract your event, Las Sabinas includes courtesy of two nights for twelve guests.

Any additional night has a cost of $30,000 MX per night.

Is the lodging open to the general public?

Rancho Las Sabinas lodging is exclusive to the contract tenant of the event.

No rooms will be subleased to the public.

If I don't make any use of the lodging, does the price change?

No. Lodging is a courtesy of Las Sabinas.


Can I hold both the religious ceremony and reception at Las Sabinas?

Las Sabinas was designed not only to hold the ceremony and reception, but also has a welcome cocktail area.

There are designated spaces for each event.

Is there an area to hold the ceremony? A chapel?

Yes, the pergola is the perfect space with a capacity for 200 seated people.

The ceremony could also be held in the gardens surrounding the swimming pool area.


Does Rancho Las Sabinas have a wedding planner service?

Las Sabinas only provides the venue. All other services must be subcontracted.

Is it necessary to have a tent?

Yes. You need to have a tent due to unexpected rain and the sun's intensity, having the guests look for cover or shadow.

Do I need a floor for my wedding?

The floor is optional. We have a designated space for the reception, with marble floor. 

Does RLS have a list of preferred vendors?

Yes. Las Sabinas has an ample list of wedding planners and vendors that have already proved their skills and knowledge in planning an event.


Can we hire our own vendors?

Yes. Rancho Las Sabinas has no objection about you having your own vendors, as long as they are within the ranch regulations.

Is it necessary that I meet with Las Sabinas team and vendors before the event?

It is a requirement from Rancho Las Sabinas that there are two meetings with the ranch's staff and vendors. 

With how much anticipation must these meetings be held?

The first meeting must be held minimum 120 days before the event and the second one must be held with 30 days minimum before the wedding.

What will be discussed during these meetings?

First Meeting: scouting of the vendor's work areas, scope and permits of any assembly, vendor's documents.

Second Meeting: assembly's presentation, its logistic to set up and dismantle, including reception and delivery of any and all tools and equipment from vendors. Vendors assisting the event will be acknowledged.

A manager will be designated in order to receive and deliver tools and furniture within the ranch, within the permitted schedule.

Do you provide a catering service?

No. Each vendor, including the catering one, is a choice of the clients.


Do I have to install lighting for my event?

Yes. Additional lighting is required as Rancho Las Sabinas only has minimum lighting.

Do I have to take a power generator for such lighting?

Yes. It is necessary that a power generator gives the required energy for the tent and additional lighting. 

Is there a limit for music decibels?

Federal regulations indicate a maximum of 65 decibels measured at the limits with neighbors.

How can we control the decibel level so our event is not affected?

In order to control the sound direction, we recommend:

1. Aim all speakers towards the floor and the reception's center.

2. Encapsulate the sound inside the tent.

3. Lower the tent's walls so the sound doesn't travel towards the neighbors.

Is there a parking lot? With how many parking spaces?

Yes, Rancho Las Sabinas has a parking area for maneuvers, loading and unloading; and for guests with a maximum of 180 spaces.

Do we need to take our own valet parking service?

Yes. You need to contract a valet parking service for your guest´s convenience, and to improve the traffic flow inside the ranch's property, due to the fact the guest´s parking area is on the opposite side of the vehicle reception area.

Schedule restrictions?

The latest time at which the wedding reception can end is 3:00 am. If the county or municipality authorities establish an ending time before 3:00 am, this schedule will be ruling for the event's ending. 

The power generator will be turned off at this time.

Do I have to hire security staff for the event?

Yes, it is necessary to this service.

Are there restrooms for guests during the event?

Rancho Las Sabinas has ample restrooms for guests and vendors comfortably located within the  ranch´s facilities and in the events area.


Standards for waste management from vendors:

1.    Does Rancho Las Sabinas remove waste from vendors?

Las Sabinas only takes care of the venues kitchen´s waste, and of the restrooms within the facilities.

2.    What are the requirements for the vendors in order to remove waste?

Catering: Must have recipients and containers necessary to remove all waste generated by this service, including food residues, grease, fat, and liquids. Pouring residues or waste into the ranchs sewers or deposits is forbidden.

Bar: Must have appropriate recipients and containers in order to remove all and any alcohol waste from drinking glasses, which must be handled in liquid specific containers.

Florists: The florist must remove from the property any and all plants, decorations, and any fixing mechanism for these decorations.

Decoration, ambience, and paraphernalia: Any and all objects must be completely removed from trees, fields and green areas. This shall be done entirely by the vendors and/or planners.

Do you have a corkage service?

No. Las Sabinas doesn't provide this service.

Do you offer any beverage package or combo?

No. Your beverage vendors are welcome, as long as they follow Las Sabinas rules.

Set Up and Dismantle

What are the set up and dismantle restriction for vendors?

Vendors must stay within designated areas.


Are there any restrictions for the decoration set up?

Rancho Las Sabinas doesn't allow the ranch's furniture to be moved.

Any painting, nailing, or structure modifications are forbidden. No vendor can use the power grid from the ranch, they must only use the power generator.

Does Rancho Las Sabinas have a storage area for vendors?

Las Sabinas only provides a room for receiving, store, and delivery of equipment, furniture, and gear. This room is not a restricted area; therefore, the ranch is not liable for any object the vendors store in this area.

When can the vendors have access to the facilities in order to perform the set up?

Vendors can start to set up two days before the event.

Vendors can start the set up before this date depending on availability, having a permit from Las Sabinas management and covering an additional cost.

What is the schedule for vendors?

Vendors can access the ranch starting at 8:00 am and must be outside the premises 8:00 pm at the latest.

Does Rancho Las Sabinas have a person in charge of receiving and delivering the equipment and gear from and to the vendors?

No. Rancho Las Sabinas doesn't have a floor manager.  Such person must be provided by the organizer, planner or any other person responsible for the event.

Who is in charge of receiving and delivering equipment before the event?

All equipment and gear must be received and delivered by the previously designated floor manager.  He or she will have to be present during all loading and unloading, from the first to the last one.

Is there an additional cost for an early or late set up and/or dismantle according to the dates established in the contract?

Yes, the additional cost per day is $20,000 Mexican pesos.

When does the dismantle take place?

Dismantle starts at the moment the event finishes. Any furniture, floor, and equipment from suppliers must be removed in no more than twelve hours. In case more time is required, there will be an additional cost.

The tent can be dismantle and removed on the following Monday after the events end, no later than 1:00 pm.

General Questions


Do you rent Las Sabinas for more than one event at a time?

Las Sabinas only rents its venue for one event at a time.

Can we visit the ranch before contracting the venue?

We are always glad and encourage our clients to come, visit and feel the beauty of the ranch.

How can I book a date for my event at Rancho Las Sabinas?

To book your event you need to sign a contract, and at that time a non refundable 50% of the total cost must be deposit.

How can I pay?

The payment could be covered in two installments (cash and wire transfer).

50% once the contract is signed and the other 50% of the total cost 45 days prior the event.

What are the closest airports to Las Sabinas?

We have two international airports: Queretaro (1hr) and the León-Silao (1 hour and 15 minutes) depending on traffic.